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page 57 - wise, yet boring (30.apr.2012)
guess what - in the original script nicheck would've been all like "yeah, let's rescue the others, we can totally take an army of orcs cause i'm such a great warrior!". so what she says here is a little out of character.
but since that would've been another 30 pages i don't want to draw, we can just assume that nicheck has grown up a little and the redriver goblins died without ever seeing jax again.

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movie review(s):
juan of the dead: actually one of the better zombie movies i've seen. very morbid humor and thus hilariously funny for me... 4 out of 5 paddles.
chronicle: a different approach on super powers. interesting story and very interesting format. it's not a superhero movie and that's what makes it special. also, my canon camera was in it :-D... 4 out of 5 nosebleeds.